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The plans are clear, step-by-step. Now we need your help.

Simple steps for everyone to take.
Projects you can choose
Longer Term Volunteer Roles

A little help from everyone...

For many environmental efforts, a few minutes of help from lots of people is the key. We need you to contact the events that you attend and encourage them to be green. As a customer - buying a ticket or registering for a conference - you have vastly more influence than a phone call from an environmental organization. With your help - and only with your help - we'll be able to spread our green tools to events everywhere! See our Green Travel Guide, which includes a checksheet you can fill out and hand to whoever takes suggestions at every event you attend!

Our monthly newsletter is a great way to remember us, as you register for new events throughout the year.

We have some great projects.

Some of these would make a great class project or internship:

  • Work on our Greening Guide. This will help many environmental groups to encourage festivals & conferences to be green in countless ways.
    • research
    • web design
  • Design a t-shirt
  • Help us build a bulletin board system for connecting people who want to get more active at events.
  • Blog for us. Search for related discussion groups and websites, and spread the word!
  • Proof-reading & user interface testing. We always have documents needing proof-reading. You must be a novice to do the best interface testing -- we always need new people who've never seen the site to take a half hour and try it out.
  • Ally Outreach: Tell all the other environmental groups about us.
  • Media Outreach: Research & contact appropriate magazines.
  • Encouraging all online "Calendars of Events" to emphasize green events.
  • Speakers Outreach: Speakers go from conference to conference. Some of them would love to make the conferences greener. Help us contact them.
  • Intern Search. If you are a college student, help us find professors, classes and students interested in our project.

And some key longer-term roles...

The roles below are for a mix of volunteers and interns. Some may lead to paying jobs (outreach & grant writing in particular.)

Outreach Team We need folks to work on outreach to both events and sponsors. There are many ways that these roles can be sub-divided.

  • Regional Carpool "Evangelists," one or two people in each city to contact area festivals.
  • Issue Carpool "Evangelists," outreach to events in your area of interest: animal rights, peace, musical style, anything!
  • Contact Festivals, or Academic Conferences, or Environmental Events.
  • Fostering activist connections in the Peace Movement.

Graphics, Design & Web Design

  • Web Page Design, including Event Greening Guide.
  • Newsletter Editor.
  • User Interface. New learners are welcome.
  • T-Shirt Design. We have some appropriate and wildly inappropriate ideas for environmental t-shirts, awaiting your graphic inspiration.
  • INTERN: Great portfolio or class opportunity.

Events Team

  • Each region needs people to represent SpaceShare at various events. Meet lots of great people!
Organizational & Membership Team
  • Volunteer Coordinator
    • Online recruiting & blogging
    • College Outreach
  • 501c3 Development Team
  • Business Plan Development
  • Fundraising/Grantwriting
  • Advisory Team. Major contributors may be invited to our Board of Directors.
Technical, Programming & Misc
  • Tech Team advisors - an easy way you can make a big difference.
  • Database developer, we need a CRM or custom database system for tracking events that need carpools
  • Web researchers to fill that database
  • Perl CGI MySQL intern.
Interested? Email us.

We are launching an experimental community site in addition to this more formal website. It is an interactive Drupal site, you can sign in and join the forums, here.

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