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Travel Sourcing

During the Recession, it's unlikely we'll be hiring anyone additional. People at SpaceShare have some great ideas for related businesses if you're entrepreneurial.

Office Support & Writing

I personally would love to work at a "real job," one that could help grow my resume and let's me contribute to worthwhile project, while living in Thailand. SpaceShare won't let me coordinate things from there, but if this is your dream job, we're looking for someone who wants to be an independent contractor taking on various tasks, from wherever she, he (or you) choose.

While SpaceShare's mission is exciting and planet-focused, please take note: this is something of an office job, you'll need the same patience and attention to detail as you would doing office support for a typical corporate office. We've got work to do.

Q: What does this have to do with Thailand?

A: Nothing much. We want to create good jobs with living wages, and tend to be looking for people who are adventurous. SpaceShare would like to see two people doing this in the same area so no one is working alone - it's our guess that Chiang Mai, Thailand is the best place for finding new partners over time, but we're not locked into any place, you don't have to stay in one place. We'd be very happy to find a small business or cooperative based overseas that wants us to contract with them, though the work is more complicated/harder to train than normal telemarketing outsourcing.

Q: What is involved? What skills are needed? The minimum of the role is to provide research and office support, but we're a small organization very open to creative people expanding their skills here.

A: First and perhaps foremost, self-organization, an ability to get projects done, to ask detailed questions whenever you face challenges. Since most of your communications will be written, your writing must be very clear and professional. Here are some sample projects:

  1. Research. For example, you'll search an online calendar of festivals or conferences, enter the events into our database, and decide what needs to be done next (such as having someone call, or send an email, or that the event is too small to talk to.)
  2. Office support. You'll have many small projects. You might be assigned to find and email the best supplier of laptop solar chargers, or search craigslist to find possible offices when we move. You'll handle simple tech support and throughly proofread the websites we design.
  3. Project support. When we launched, project support involved rewriting pages of the website, writing introduction email letters, researching who should receive those letters, sending out emails, and answering replies.
We would be happy to have someone who can stretch, contribute skills and creativity beyond the basics. Once you can cover the basics, what skills do you have or want to work on?
  • SpaceShare involves a tremendous amount of writing. Being able to correspond clearly with clients is a minimum, but we would be happy to have someone who could help us develop our marketing materials, web content, etc.
  • Design work, web or signage.
  • Basic web structuring and content.
  • Volunteer management, orchestrating our team.

A summary for people thinking of tackling this role:

Please review before contacting us about this role.

The areas of challenge we face:

  1. Can you carve out a useful area of SpaceShare's workspace where you can be efficient, even without supervisors present?
    1. Writing skills.  Other skills you'd like to use or strengthen: web design? management (volunteer coordination, ? 
    2. Communication and Organization skills.  It can be a real challenge to work remotely.
    3. Good at working on your own.
    4. Committment.  If you work for 1 month, we'll spend more time training you than the value we receive, even if we didn't pay you anything. 
  2. Getting started challenges.
    1. Training.  Even if you're good at adding new projects over time, it seems particularly hard (though not impossible) to get started remotely. 
    2. Costs.  We are not flying someone to our office overseas, which we don't have. If you're not already finding your way to someplace amazing and affordable independent of SpaceShare, this isn't for you. The only exception is for interns who prove themselves to us.
    3. We're very nervous as we start: SpaceShare gets perhaps 100 resumes and volunteer offers each year, and growing fast, eating up a lot of our time.  About 5 of those 100 people are serious.  the Thailand idea seems particularly to attract people who aren't really serious - if you are serious, stick with us, remind us if you get lost among the applications. Think "partnership" rather than "employment."
  1. Do work that will make a big difference for the planet.*
  2. Live someplace amazing.*
  3. Earn enough to live on, even with an enjoyably short work week and European-length vacations.
  4. Gain skills and build a resume more appropriate for the nonprofit or business world than teaching English, stretch your skills and your resume.  Or, help grow SpaceShare into an organization that can employ or partner with you.
    • If these don't seem like benefits to you, it's probably not the role for you!

Talk to us:

See our website,, then contact Stephen at and tell us what you'd hope to get out of working with SpaceShare.