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User Quotes About SpaceShare

  • We had a great experience with the spaceshare program! We had an RV with plenty of room and were able to help a young man that lived near us get up to EarthDance and we were able to pick up a young mom and her 3 kids, and they needed space which we had plenty! Our companians were wonderful people and we caught up throughout the festival and greet each other, I hope we all remain in touch through the years!
    The website was easy to use and worked in finding the right people!
    We plan on using it again!

    Lynda Holman

    Earthdance 2009
  • I was delighted to find the most perfect roommate for the AHNA conference using SpaceShare.

    "Kiwi" Sharilee Hickey

    AHNA Conference 2009
  • I loved sharing space ... I'm rooming with my new friend at our next conference in San Diego.

    Anita McLaughlin

    Food as Medicine & CancerGuides II
  • I found a roommate ... Not only did I save on my expenses but I made a new friend as well. Thanks so much for this much needed service.

    Linda Baker MD CCH
    Plymouth Meeting

    Food as Medicine & CancerGuides II
  • I hooked up with another lady and we hung out all weekend. She was very nice and we both were happy not to be alone in the city.

    Lucinda M. Gabriel

    The New Living Expo
  • We had a wonderful experience, thanks to this site. ...It is a great service & our visit truly was enhanced...

    Judi Wood

    AHNA Conference 2009
  • The conference was a more enjoyable experience.

    Micia Amos

    AHNA Conference
  • It worked out wonderfully for room mates that were great. Thank you

    Patricia Young

    Food as Medicine & CancerGuides II
  • Thanks!! I was able to find a great room mate.

    Linda McDonald

    Food as Medicine & CancerGuides II
  • It worked great for me...found a person to share a hotel room. Thanks!


    Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education Conference, 2009:
  • this worked fabulously. thank you!

    Cheri Whitted

  • SpaceShare's worked very well for me. I managed to find a great gal for a roommate. It was an easy process, saved me money and we enjoyed attending the conference and sharing evenings together.

    Barbara Bates, MASc, RNCP, ROHP, CPT
    Innerbalance wellness consulting

    Food as Medicine & CancerGuides II
  • Carpooling is definitely a major part of our festival greening policy. As a "boutique" festival with limited space, carpooling has helped us maximise our ticket sales, while providing a great service to ticket buyers. Thanks to Spaceshare, festival patrons not only get to save money on gas, but they get to meet folks who share the same interests.

    Chris Deckker
    Earthdance International

    About 650 Earthdance attendees use SpaceShare each year

  • Second time used site and had another wonderful experience. My roommate and I hit it off so well we plan on attending next year together also. Thanks.

    Jennifer K. Polley
    Licensed Massage Therapist

    AMTA Conference
  • SpaceShare was an excellent program to coordinate carpooling! I was able to meet people (some of whom I still keep in touch with!) and spare the air.

    Millie Tran
    UCLA student, and Op-Ed Editor of the Daily Bruin

    LA Marathon 2009
  • If it were not for the Rideshare initiative, I would not have pushed myself to go alone and would not have made all of the incredible connections... Our driver was part of the volunteer crew ... I am a nurse, so I hooked up with RockMed and have also been invited to work with them.

    Courtney Allen-Gentry, RN,MSN,PHN

    Earthdance 2009
  • I thought the spaceshare worked great. Fortunately, there is a general commonality among therapists, so the quality of my roommate was superior and it saved me over $300.00.


  • Your service was quick easy useful and saved me money. I appreciated the fact that I could email potential roomates myself to find a good fit. My roomate and I got along well and we both have a new contact and friend.


    Mind-Body Medicine 2008
  • It was awesome. I really thank you for what you provide. It was clear and an easy way to meet someone that you have something in common with.

    Marti Wolfson,
    The Mindful Belly and Balanced Body
    BodyTalk, Natural Foods Cooking, Integrative Movement

    Food as Medicine & CancerGuides II
  • I used the Space Share site to find three people to carpool
    with me to EarthDance in Laytonville. I found the site very helpful,
    The categories of how flexible and the times for arrival and departure
    seemed to fit well and make it easier to find compatible people. We
    all camped together and spent time together so I feel I made new
    friends this way. Thank you!!!

    Peggy Kottner

    Earthdance 2009
  • SpaceShare was great for carpooling to Solfest. Not only did I ride with two great people, but we bonded and are still in contact. Not only that, but I later joined an environmental organization and both of them ended up becoming great business networking contacts

    Justin Link

    Solfest: carpool, meet friends, environmental, clients
  • I had a successful matchup with 2 student nurses who were a delight to meet and room with at the conference. Thanks for this great service. I will use it again.

    Roe Shearer

    AHNA Conference
  • After the positive feedback we received on the service following the first National Conference for Media Reform, we knew we had to use SpaceShare again for the second conference. The level of participation in SpaceShare among our conference attendees this year was testament to the need for, and the usefulness of, the SpaceShare service. SpaceShare has been invaluable in bringing people to the conference that would otherwise not be able to attend. It has also facilitated networking between participants, which is fantastic – that’s what the conference is all about.

    Jordan Carduner
    Program Coordinator
    National Conference for Media Reform 2005

    National Conference for Media Reform
  • Kristen Kirkham

    New Living Expo
  • The space share was a great service and I'm so appreciative! I had a wonderful roommate who definitely enhanced the experience. ...It made it much more affordable and easier to attend. Thanks for doing a great job!

    Pam McKeen

    Food as Medicine & CancerGuides II
  • Wow! It was the best ride I ever had!! Like a movie star In a Lincoln continental , my New found friend, ... was great. He had a smashing RED CONVERTIBLE Dodge but he had work done on it to give us a smooth ride, fit for a queen! He had a warm blanket waiting for me, in this extra wide roomy seats. The ride was heaven!


    Earthdance 2009
  • Aloha Nui Loa, The rideshare has worked great for me the last two years. I live in Santa Cruz and have found the site very easy to use.

    Sean Spanks

    Earthdance 2009