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Client Goals:

  • Meet three demographics: conference planners, festival planners, and travelers/individuals. Professional-conference planners need to feel that the site is for them -- festival planners will be more accepting of a professional site than conference planners will be accepting of a site with the wilder look of the festival community. We don't need to sell to travelers, but they can't get lost (obvious menu, but content not aimed at them).
  • Have some distinctive design element perhaps based on the logo, while otherwise keeping to a tight time-budget and moderate simplicity. OK to assumes a high level of tech skill (building this for ourselves).
  • Assume people do not understand what we are about... they won't necessarily be coming here already knowing the somewhat complex basics.
  • Expandability.

Note: designed primarily in 2004. If you're reading this, you're looking at the new design being developed in summer 2009.

Design team: Evelyn Rodas helped with the original design. Erin Aurujo is designing new graphics. Stephen Cataldo has been the main designer and developer (and client).