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Website Development Gallery

Below are sample websites developed by SpaceShare and web designers we may work with on your project.
  • Goals:

    • Activist project with a very small budget.
    • CMS with barely trained non-tech interns entering content.
    • Audiences: event planners and individual travelers, crossed against informal (festivals, individual events) and professional (conference planners and attendees). Planners mostly need to be quickly taken to *guides* appropriate for their event (large vs small, indoor vs outdoor, deep green vs light, etc.) and attendees who mostly need *quick tips.*

    Cool and Unique:

    • Reverses the standard advertising method. Instead of having (just) advertisements, the main image on the page can be set to the referrer's logo. This allows festivals to treat the site as "their" green guide.
    • As a portal site, the structure is a bit unusual for a website. We intend that people will come to our site seeking information about either planning or traveling to a specific event, not subscribe: so we narrow their search to one of a dozen areas, within which they will see broadly similar content adjusted to their event.
  • Client Goals:

    • Meet three demographics: conference planners, festival planners, and travelers/individuals. Professional-conference planners need to feel that the site is for them -- festival planners will be more accepting of a professional site than conference planners will be accepting of a site with the wilder look of the festival community. We don't need to sell to travelers, but they can't get lost (obvious menu, but content not aimed at them).
    • Have some distinctive design element perhaps based on the logo, while otherwise keeping to a tight time-budget and moderate simplicity. OK to assumes a high level of tech skill (building this for ourselves).
    • Assume people do not understand what we are about... they won't necessarily be coming here already knowing the somewhat complex basics.
    • Expandability.

    Note: designed primarily in 2004. If you're reading this, you're looking at the new design being developed in summer 2009.

  • Website is awaiting content

    Client Goals:

    • Three audiences: (1) academic researchers with narrow searches in mind, (2) anti-racism activists seeking resources and remedies regarding a specific problem, and (3) undergraduates, press and others curious.
    • Powerful and flexible CMS functions: academics, undergraduate interns and the public will be entering a vast amount of information, each requiring different levels of review.
    • Specific approaches to search, such as issues, regions, remedies, resources, and map-based.

    Approach: the site is builds upon taxonomy-driven data. There are many ways to approach the data: wherever a user starts, they can continue to narrow down their search. With the taxonomy structure, future variations will be easy to build. Above this foundation are various light-weight approaches to search: a map of the globe, headlines and other materials to catch the attention of people who do not already have a specific search in mind.

  • Joined a team making major changes to the code and functionality of The DNA Files, and lesser changes to other websites. Significant module development and modifications especially complex menu structures, audio and bibliography. Also built a task management system for our team within their Drupal intranet, and perl code to coordinate with Drupal in order to archive content to DVDs.

  • Site designed by Stacey Meinzen of Graphics in Green, who is both an occasional volunteer with our greening efforts and a designer we might partner with to design your website.

  • Hundreds of people carpool to Harmony each year -- and although it's mostly a camping festival, we also help a few share rooms or connect with local hosts.


    • Develop a standard SpaceShare including the logos of the event and sponsor, and using the (strong red) colors of the sponsor.
  • LA Marathon is one of our first participatory sports events, though the logistics are similar to many festivals. It's all about carpooling, with a chance for each runner or rider to carpool to multiple events or to pick up their runner's information.


    • Simulate appearance of host website on a very low budget.
  • Goals:

    • A publicly viewable intranet.
    • Practically no budget. Keep everything very simple.
    • A broad place for various volunteers and staff to be able to post, and to store training documents.
    • Lots of potentially complex functionality: task-tracking, volunteer training, team discussions. This site is the one we experiment with.
    • Easy for volunteers to learn the pieces they need and be able to contribute.