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SpaceShare's Vision & Plan

SpaceShare is developing online tools to make ridesharing much easier. We began by creating simple carpool sites for events such as concerts & activist events. From there, we have developed tools for conferences: integrated systems for ride-shares, room-shares, car-rental shares, and home-stays. These can save attendees thousands of dollars at an event, and are being used for events beyond just the environmental movement.

At each stage the project is viable in terms of public acceptance, providing tangible benefits for all users, not just environmentalists. Our goal is to introduce everyone to a more environmentally conscious way of life: starting with conferences and large events, moving on to colleges. Ride-sharing will help integrate Earth Stewardship with community building at religious congregations across the country. A few years from now, we envision carpools as a regular part of all large events & a part of life for every college student.

In years to come, we will bring new technologies to work for the environment: when you get in your car, you'll tell it where you are going, and it will tell you if anyone you trust needs a ride. This won't prevent most people from owning their own car, but will allow more families to have just one car, and more individuals to be car-free, creating a potent constituency for public transportation advocates. Those new habits and carless voters are the break in the concrete other activists can use to create their vision.

You & SpaceShare

The plans are clear, step-by-step. Now we need your help.

We welcome ideas about our services from everyone, and particularly appreciate leads for events that should have carpools. We're looking for a new team of people who want to join SpaceShare. We could use your ideas, or your help proof reading our documents, or help building a better set of carpool tools.

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