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Stephen Cataldo

Founder & Community Weaver
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Programming Perl since 1996, focused on building LAMP applications with nonprofits and the environment in mind.

My first large project was Shared Calendars, an internet group calendar and scheduling tool. At least one nonprofit was still using it five years after I stopped development, but it's out of date now.

For the last six years, SpaceShare has been the center of my life. Recently this has grown to the Green Events Guide for both event planners and travelers.

I've long subsidized my cause-oriented work I've been doing scattered web development contract work for nine years. My resume is attached.

Life, Writings, Travel, Activism

  • Volunteer Seedlings was an effort to help people who wanted to work for peace on the eve of the second Iraq war to find the right place to devote their energies. It was inspired by the 50,000 and more people showing up at peace events, and, going home. It has since been distilled into a simpler project: The Volunteer Union.
  • I'm working on a book of "political therapy," a conversation between liberal and conservative ideas and ideal. Not intended to provide crushing victory for either set of ideas, but rather to try to make both conservative and liberal movements healthier and more effective at what they do best.


Contact me at SpaceShare.