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Hiring SpaceShare for Web Development Work

SpaceShare was founded by web developer Stephen Cataldo, and we've partially funded our green work with contract web development. In addition, SpaceShare has many other contacts in design and development.

Stephen Cataldo: My preference is working with cause organizations from the beginning:
understanding your goals, mixing my experiences running organizations and working with technology. Web programming, databases and Drupal are areas of technical expertise.

Currently, I think most nonprofits that haven't switched to a Content Management System should consider one for their next website: moving content into a database so that it's easier for you to edit, update -- and even redesign in a few years.

I love projects that involve a creative edge: not bleeding edge technology just for technology's sake, but putting technology to better use. I don't mind doing small-budget projects for great causes where I'm given both the challenge and the freedom to efficiently create just the tools the organization needs.

Design & Development: SpaceShare works with a variety of other Drupal developers, artistic designers and content developers at various times.

View a Gallery of Websites developed by SpaceShare and designers we work with.