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Green Your Wedding

 Green Your Wedding

Green Travel & Community Weaving

SpaceShare's tools can help your guests travel together, stitching together your mutual communities.

  • Build a ride-share and room-share. The ride-match will be designed to meet the schedule of your ceremonies and celebrations. The room-share can combine allowing individuals to share hotel rooms, and having local friends and family host those from out of town.
  • The site can include an image such as your photo, and use your wedding colors.
  • Provide outreach advice to encourage your friends and family to use the system, to connect and help each other out. We have templates for web announcements, email articles, and other ways to talk about running a green, community event.
  • Personalized tech support, and reminder check-ins for your travelers where we offer to help if they are having problems, and feedback for you after the event.

Additional services:

  • We can also provide a general purpose website, again in your wedding colors and with the couple's photo, allowing blogging or other discussions.

Except for very large or logistically complex sites, we'll customize a green travel site for your celebration for $300.

We may offer a discount for anyone holding a green wedding who promises to blog about their efforts to green their wedding (whether you mention the SpaceShare tools or not - you don't have to say anything good about us to get the discount, we just want some noise made about the possibility of greener weddings!)

Email SpaceShare with the following information:

  1. The number of attendees, the typical travel plans, the schedule of your event. What functions will everyone attend? What functions will some people attend? Do you want hotel roommate matching, local host to guest matching?
  2. The colors of your wedding. Attach a photo if you'd like, or text you want in the header.


Green Wedding Tips



  • Organic Flowers
  • Organic, Local, Vegetarian Catering
  • Donate Leftovers
  • Hire Green Businesses
  • Ask Venues About Recycling and Composting.*
  • Charitable Gift Registries and Favors

*Even just asking about recycling and composting can be helpful. The venue may not make the changes just because you ask, they may even be a little dismissive of the idea if you're the first to ask. If they get three or four comments this year, they'll change their tune!