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Client Goals:

  • Three audiences: (1) academic researchers with narrow searches in mind, (2) anti-racism activists seeking resources and remedies regarding a specific problem, and (3) undergraduates, press and others curious.
  • Powerful and flexible CMS functions: academics, undergraduate interns and the public will be entering a vast amount of information, each requiring different levels of review.
  • Specific approaches to search, such as issues, regions, remedies, resources, and map-based.

Approach: the site is builds upon taxonomy-driven data. There are many ways to approach the data: wherever a user starts, they can continue to narrow down their search. With the taxonomy structure, future variations will be easy to build. Above this foundation are various light-weight approaches to search: a map of the globe, headlines and other materials to catch the attention of people who do not already have a specific search in mind.

Designed and developed by Stephen Cataldo.