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We started with Green Travel tools but have grown to provide a variety of networking tools for conferences, professional meetings and similar events. We extend your conference beyond the opening and closing receptions: attendees start connecting with each other as soon as they register, during their travels, and long after the conference closes. We add value and reduce your resource consumption at the same time.

We specialize in providing three networking tools, any of which can be customized to your event:

  1. Green Travel, helping people carpool, share rooms, share taxis, and match on flights.
  2. Ambassador Programs and Custom Matching, generating one-to-one connections among your attendees.
  3. Structured Online Forums, giving attendees a greater chance to introduce themselves and to participate in broader conference discussions.

Summary | Green Travel | Ambassador | Forum | How It Works | Benefits | Next Steps
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Green Travel has two purposes. 

I found someone to share a cab with from the airport and someone to share a room with at the conference. Perfect!
   -- Sarah Browning

First, we help people traveling to your event conserve resources and thereby save money.  Second, we significantly increase the opportunities for your attendees to network.  There is no reason for someone to arrive in a new city alone:

  • Network with others on the flight or train.  Spending a flight talking to peers about the conference can be a tremendous improvement over flying alone, essentially extending your conference for the duration of everyone's flights.
  • At the airport or train station, match with people arriving at the same time, to share a taxi or rental car, or simply to navigate public transportation together.  This can be a tremendous help for international travelers.
  • Share a hotel room.  A great way to make the conference more affordable for students and others on a low budget.  If local residents offer home-stays, we can also connect guests with homes.
  • Drivers can find their neighbors and carpool.  Flying or driving together helps participants take what they learn at your conference back to their home community.

Users seamlessly link to the logistics site from your web registration or directions page, quickly describe their needs, and can then search for and email potential matches.  It's very easy to use, and helps them make connections that they otherwise would miss. 

Summary | Green Travel | Ambassador | Forum | How It Works | Benefits | Next Steps
Prices | Contact usAmbassador Programs and Custom Matching.
It worked great!  I not only made a connection to share a ride, but established a great relationship with a prospective client! 
-- Eva Booker

Imagine if you could interview every attendee coming to your event, and help them make the perfect connections.  What patterns would emerge?  Would you match mentors with youth?  First time attendees with Conference Ambassadors who have similar interests?  Start neighborhood book clubs based on the themes of your conference? 

Send me your first thoughts about the connections you would like to make at your event, and I'll tell you how we can help.

Summary | Green Travel | Ambassador | Forum | How It Works | Benefits | Next Steps
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Structured Online Forums
The SpaceShare Forum was a fantastic tool.  I was able to connect with attendees before arriving in Florida which was great.  I made some great connections and am sure I will call on these people in the future to share ideas.  I believe the tools most useful to me were what each person specialized in and whether or not this was their first time attending.  I targeted individuals who listed University as their interest because that is what I do….events for a university.
--  Cecilia Rivera

We build and host a customized bulletin board for you, often combined with consultation on structuring both your agenda and our online tools so that attendees can become participants.  Attendees can introduce themselves online, form groups based on both their interests and geographical community, and ask questions or write replies concerning the issues of the conference.  Speakers can introduce their topics in greater detail, read questions beforehand, and continue to interact afterwards.

Prices for our green travel systems typically start at $500. Green Travel makes) a great benefit to attract additional sponsors, and we'll work with you to promote your sponsor. (Are we a fit for your event?)

Please contact us with any questions. We're happy to do our best to guide you to greening resources besides our own work.

Summary | Green Travel | Ambassador | Forum | How It Works | Benefits | Next Steps
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How SpaceShare's Green Travel Systems Work

I saw your link on the EarthDance website + signed up to share my ride and had a fabulous commute to ED with a really nice person and made a new friend. I'll use it again.
-- Carrie M., EarthDance Volunteer
We customize a database and web site to your conferences's specific needs: Do people drive, fly, share cabs, stay in the conference room block or anywhere they like? Do some people attend specialty events before or after? We ask questions, listen to your needs, and build the site you need.

More than that, we'll help you construct an outreach program that brings carpooling from the fringes to center stage. If you'd like to connect people for more than travel partners, tell us what you need. 

We seamlessly integrate the logistics site into your web registration or directions page.  Attendees can quickly describe their needs, and then search for and email potential matches.  We provide users support and strongly protect their privacy.

Summary | Green Travel | Ambassador | Forum | How It Works | Benefits | Next Steps
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Benefits Go Beyond Greening:

  • Make your event more environmentally friendly, gaining appreciation from your attendees and the press.
  • Cut costs for your audience, helping more people attend. 
  • Offer a great way to network, make friends or meet colleagues. People travel to conferences to connect, and that is what we help them do.

Summary | Green Travel | Ambassador | Forum | How It Works | Benefits | Next Steps
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Next Steps:

Whether just carpooling or any combination of green travel connections, networking and web development, please let us know which of our approaches might interest you. Then we can quickly guide you through the steps you'll need to take.  We make this process very easy for event organizers: all event planners are overwhelmingly busy, we do the bulk of the work and quickly guide you through the few steps you'll need to take.

We're happy to tell you the details about how we work, or equally happy to take charge and help green your festival with minimal involvement by your staff. Together lets help people attend your festival who otherwise couldn't attend, make friends as they travel, and generally make the journey to the festival become part of the festival. Contact us online, or call Stephen at 510-520-6175 or email