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Client References

We've organized rides and rooms for scores of major events:

SpaceShare is a crucial part of the greening of SolFest. The folks at SpaceShare make it easy to be green, delivering professional results and serious reductions in vehicle miles travelled. Thanks SpaceShare!
-Doron Amiran, Development Director, Solar Living Institute
Spaceshare was great. We were happy to be able to provide our conference attendees with a way to share rides, hotel rooms, and homestays. It's a great service for building community, easing costs for attendees, and promoting conservation while you're at it.
-Yolanda Hippensteele, Conference Director, National Conference on Media Reform. Organized by Free Press
We encourage all events to provide a service to attendees and exhibitors that helps them carpool and find roommates. SpaceShare has provided this service to us and we are really happy to make this service available to our stakeholders. Part of promoting environmental awareness means that those of us who produce environmental events have to take extra steps to ensure that we are constantly reducing our ecological footprint. Helping people carpool not only creates community, it reduces carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Increased carbon levels in the atmosphere is a major cause of global climate change. Room sharing also reduces energy consumption - ultimately leading to a reduction in point of production pollution. Stephen Cataldo is great to work with - he is totally dedicated to the environment and working to create greater community connections around sustainability.
Karri Winn, Associate Producer
SpaceShare is a wonderful team of programmers, dedicated to giving festivals a great way to go green, not only by providing a user friendly ride-share system, but by networking and empowering activists of all levels.
Abigail Lewis
International Coordinator EARTHDANCE
Reducing our energy use through smarter transportation habits is now essential. SpaceShare does this through a brilliant online system for large events, linking those seeking rides with those offering rides. Our event, the Sustainable World Symposium, was a first time launch. Their system worked for us, and I can see a tremendous potential with it to reduce the number of cars on the road.
Vinit Allen
Sustainable World Coalition

And a quick summary of other carpoolers & community builders...

  • Music Festivals.
  • Medical Conferences.
  • Environmental Festivals.
  • Vegetarian Festivals.
  • Nonprofit Events.
  • Religious Holiday Services.
  • Bodyworkers' monthly skill-shares.
  • Peace Rallies.
  • Parades.
  • Academic Events.